Dental Branding that Speaks Your Patient’s Love Language

Learn in 5 Modules How to Brand your Practice and Attract Raving Fans (Who Can’t Wait to Spread the Word About Your Practice!)

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Want a thriving practice that basically runs on autopilot... without the time-consuming guesswork that typically comes when you DIY your branding?

〰️ I believe great practice management boils down to strong branding γ€°οΈ

How you present yourself visually, the way you pamper your patients, how well you tell your story, your procedures and policies: all of these things are crucial elements of your brand.

In this program, you will learn the 5 simple steps to brand your practice and attract raving fans... even if you don’t know what "branding" is yet!


Dentists, your reputation is everything.

In dentistry, it's crucial that you stand out. The services you offer are generally about the same as other practices in your area, which is why you need to make sure your patient experience is dialed in.

Your brand is what sets you apart β€” from the look of your website to the way your team communicates with people on the phone to the way you pamper your patients when they're sitting in your operatory.

This bootcamp will walk you through all of the steps to develop and maintain a memorable practice that's easy to manage.

The best part? You can go through the modules at your own pace!

In just five modules, you can transform how you present your practice and treat your patients before, during, and after their appointment!

Dental Brand Bootcamp is perfect for new practice owners or seasoned pros who want to revamp their branding and patient experience.

After all, it's never too late — or too early — to think about your reputation!


Here's what's included in the dental brand bootcamp...

Module #1 - Elevate Your Branding

βœ“ Your brand vs. your practice's brand
βœ“ Identifying your visual brand
βœ“ Telling your practice's story
β€‹βœ“ Creating your ideal client avatar
β€‹βœ“ Creating your brand lookbook

Module #2 - Create A Luxe Patient Experience

βœ“ The environment of your practice
βœ“ Mapping your ideal client experience
βœ“ Getting the team onboard
β€‹βœ“ Successful team meetings
βœ“ β€‹Creating your brand playbook

Module #3 - Wow Them With Your Social

βœ“ The client's visual experience
βœ“ Images & video to capture
βœ“ Smartphone photography tips
β€‹βœ“ Writing great captions
βœ“ β€‹Social guidelines

Module #4 - Level Up Your Website

βœ“ Your website & client journey
βœ“ Essential website elements
βœ“ Social media & your website
β€‹βœ“ Creating your virtual roadmap

Module #5 - Streamline Your Daily Routine

βœ“ Prioritizing what's actually important
βœ“ Planning your strategy
βœ“ Building your content calendar
β€‹βœ“ Sanity-saving content scheduling tips
βœ“ Time-saving outsourcing tips

Each module also comes with a beautiful workbook that you can print or download to take the lessons even further. πŸ“•πŸ“

On top of all that, you'll also get these incredible bonus items!

🎁 BONUS πŸŽ Team Playbook Template (valued at $447) 

This 30+ page EDITABLE template has everything you need to outline a consistent, elevated patient experience, right at your fingertips.
With this document, you will be able to map out your team onboarding strategy from day 1 to day 90, dial in your performance evaluation metrics, document front desk procedures so they're always done in a consistent manner, write out phone scripts, and so much more!

🎁 BONUS πŸŽ Brand Book Template (valued at $497) 

Ensure consistent branding across all your channels with this easy-to-use Canva template! Drag and drop your logos, fonts, colors, preferred imagery style, and more so your team can all be on the same page when it comes to your branding!
Don't pay an expensive marketing agency to create a brand book PDF for you; with this template, you will be able to easily DIY it in 60 minutes or less!



Dental Brand Bootcamp 2.0




Your dreams of working fewer hours and making more money can come true, once you learn how to strategically attract the right people to your practice!

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