1:1 VIP Coaching

Ignite your purpose. Connect your passion. Create and live a life that you LOVE. 


"Being under Dr. Emery's wing comes with a plethora of clinical and administrative knowledge, digital and clinical tools, office organization, streamlined manuals, the list goes on. I look forward to going to work every day because of her guidance and attention to detail. When you have an extra set of eyes, and Dr. Emery's in particular, your opportunities broaden and become tangible. She has helped me close multiple cases being able to foresee different vantage points. The investment is well worth it."

Dr. Yolanda Gabriel Lozano

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions…

✔️ Am I making the right decision for my business?
✔️ Where can I grab an easy template for this job description?
✔️ Am I charging the right amount for this service?
✔️ How do I promote my business so I stand out more?

If so, 1:1 coaching is for you! Dr. Jessica Emery has built successful brick and mortar and online businesses and she is ready to help you build the business of your dreams, too!
I Am So Ready For This!


But Wait… What does 1:1 coaching include?

You'll receive access to one on one coaching with Dr. Jessica Emery. Through coaching, you learn to expose your strengths and accelerate your results in life and business. You can bounce ideas around, drop business decisions to get second opinions, and ask questions about EVERYTHING from services to branding and marketing! 

  • Learn how to attract more clients or patients
  • Master a money mindset
  • Marketing tips that convert
  • Rediscover joy, flow and fulfillment 
  • Set yourself up for an impactful year
  • Grow in your leadership
  • Expand your career beyond dentistry

NOTHING is off the table. The private individual calls and conversations are a safe place where you can ask anything, be vulnerable, and grow. Confidently show up in your business and life with clarity, confidence and connection.

A Note from Dr. Jessica Emery

Over the years, I’ve received literally thousands of messages from business owners who wanted to pick my brain or get a second opinion. 

I am ALL about helping women succeed, but I was always wishing I could give them more of my time. 

Building an intimate program like this means I can give my full attention to those who are really focused on growth.

I continue to spend thousands (and thousands) of dollars on coaching to personally develop and pour into this mentorship program.

 I’m confident that 1:1 coaching will be the smartest thing you do for your practice and yourself. Don’t let someone else take your seat! I can’t wait to get to work with you!

"I was so unhappy and hopeless about my career. I knew this couldn’t be it. Turns out I just needed the right person to show me the way. Dr. Emery has completely turned my life upside down, but it was exactly what I needed. Trust her and let her guide you. I am happier than I have ever been, and am on my way to creating my dream life and practice. I know this sounds cheesy, but Dr. Emery knows how to help you elevate your energy, change your life, open your eyes to your potential, and really erase all the boundaries you put on yourself."

- Dr. Carolyn Norton

Personal coaching for visionaries.

I Agree! Let's Do It!

Time to celebrate! 🎉 You’re about to say “YES” to your future and your dream life!

VIP Coaching


  • Two 60-minute 1:1 virtual coaching calls per month with Dr. Jessica Emery!
  • Discover how to elevate your dental life and career while setting healthy boundaries.
  • Gain clarity and confidence with big picture planning for 2022.
Three month commitment required. 
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"Being part of a coaching program has been so empowering to me. I am particularly grateful for this unique opportunity since I am a start up, fee for service practice in a very high competitive market very similar to Dr. Emery’s. I have always felt so comfortable asking all sort of questions in any training Jessica has given me, from when I started learning how to post my first Instagram question, till now getting ready for my first complex cosmetic case and Implant."

 - Dr. Atousa Safavi

Work and life doesn’t have to be crazy! Gain control and confidence with VIP coaching!

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